Responsible Breeders take great care in making sure all Health Testing is complete on both Sire and Dam. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please request copies of Health Certificates..ex OFA,Yearly eye exams,GM-1,PRA and JDCM. There is more information regarding Health concerns @www.pwca.org/health/.
      When you purchase a puppy from us you are getting the best that we can possibly do.Our puppies are raised in our home and become an integrated part of our Family. Daily handling from birth, massaging, touching toes, weekly nail trims and lots of hugging and kissing! We start softly sound conditioning and build up weekly with a Cd that has every noise that you can think of. This build character and security with loud noises they will encounter.We stimulate their senses with toys that move and make sounds, they have their very own play gym that encourages self assurance along with fun. At about 5 weeks they are introduced to the grooming table and every thing that accompanies that. Blow dryer, clippers, being brushed and combed. Weekly car rides start as well. In warm months they are introduced to water! We have a small kiddie pool that starts out with muti colored balls, we then introduce water for exploration.
      It is our Goal to provide the very best for our little babies. We aspire to match puppies to Families, so that the best fit is achieved. We will continue to follow our little loves throughout their lives, supporting the new families on the wonderful journey that they have embarked on with their PWD. AT ANY TIME IN THE LIFE OF THE DOG THE NEW OWNER CANNOT CARE FOR IT, IT MUST BE RETURNED TO US.


PWD Health Concerns  http:pwdca.org/health/
PWD Training Supplies  http:4mypwds.com
PWD Club Nor Cal  http:pwdcnc.org